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AoPS Academy Problem Solvers Contest

All students currently enrolled in an in-person AoPS Academy math class are eligible to participate in the AoPS Academy Problem Solvers Contests. The contests are individual examinations where students can practice their problem-solving skills and demonstrate what they have learned.
These contests will be held online through the AoPS Contest Portal. Contestants will need to log into the Contest Portal with their AoPS username and password.

Contests will be held at the following levels: Math Level 2, Math Level 3, Math Level 4, Math Level 5, Prealgebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Middle School Contest Math, and High School Contest Math (students taking Precalculus and Calculus will be eligible for the High School Contest Math contests).


Students must be enrolled in an AoPS Academy math class at the time of each contest in order to participate. Students must have access to the online portal through their own device, and must take the contest within the designated window of time (from 12:00am - 11:59pm local time on the designated day). Students must have a proctor who can sign to indicate that they watched the student during testing. No calculators or outside resources will be allowed during the contests.


Students who earn the top scores in each level during the Challenge will be awarded Amazon gift cards in the following amounts:

Students who earn the top scores in each level during the Showdown will be awarded Amazon gift cards in the following amounts:

For each of the first two contests, all students who score above a threshold score (which will be shared after each contest) will also be awarded an AoPS-themed prize!

The top four students in each level will be invited to represent their campus in the Championship. These top students will be determined by averaging the scores from the first two contests (for students who enroll after Week 10, ranking will be determined solely by the Showdown). Top scorers in the Championship will be awarded Amazon gift cards in the following amounts:

The top-ranked campus will also win a prize!


Students will be able to see their results at 8:00am on Sunday (the day after they finish the Academy Problem Solvers Contest); leaderboards will be available at 8:00am one week later (the second Sunday after the contest).

Students should go to the Contest Portal and click on the “View Results” button to see their own results.

How to Prepare for Contests

The best way to prepare for the contests is to go to your AoPS Academy math classes and do all of your assignments! For extra practice, check out the following resources:

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